7 things about me!

Hello all,

Hila from le projet d’amour tagged me. This apparently means that I have to write seven things about myself, and then tag seven other bloggers. If I can think of seven people then i’ll do that, but I shall take part nevertheless.

De virtutes et insolentiae Jacobi:

  1. I really love zombie movies, but I don’t know why. To that end, I almost decided to write my thesis about the late medieval culture of death/ the macabre.
  2. I enjoy the smell of musty books, and I get excited whenever I go into a library because it smells like knowledge.
  3. Sometimes I wonder why i’m doing what i’m doing right now in my life. After some consideration, I come to the conclusion that it just feels right.
  4. I absolutely love notebooks, especially moleskine notebooks. They soak up your words as if they are listening, and then when you read them, something new is added to the mix.
  5. I wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was a kid, but forgot about it.
  6. I enjoy the experience of drinking green tea more than anything else.
  7. I made up the phrase ‘hygiene is a state of mind’ to annoy my friend, but then realised that it is.

Well that’s me in seven points. I’ll be posting in the next couple of days once again.



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