Hello Again,

I just discovered a really nice poem from a book entitled Water: Its Spiritual Significance which I am currently reading out of interest (it isn’t what i’d call, ahem, academic). A poet named Wendell Berry wrote a series of water poems entitled Sabbaths, included in the book. I’d like to share one with you now.

Sabbaths 2007, XIII

“The past above, the future below

and the present pouring down…”

wrote Dr. Williams. Is that

correct? Or is the future above

and the past below?

The stream

that is departing from itself as

it was is above and is the past.

The stream that is coming to itself

as it will be is below and is

the future. Or:

The stream yet

to come is above and is the future.

The stream that has gone by

is below and is the past.

In its riddles in the world

in the mind in the world

the stream is the stream

beyond words, beginning nowhere

ending nowhere.

It falls as rain

it flows in all its length. It enters

finally the sea. It rises into the air.

It falls as rain. To the watcher

on the shore, it comes and it


Taken from Wendell Berry’s book, Leavings


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