Moleskine Palaeography

Hello All,

I am well, and I hope that this condition extends to the general population as well. I am currently finishing off my conference paper on Spiritual Poverty and the topos of thirst in High Medieval thought (soon to be discussed here). I have finished (mostly) my chapter on monasticism and landscape perception, and will be moving on soon to cosmology! Good news for you all, because I can feel a series of picture posts coming on!

My offering to you today is in just this form. While looking through the two bulging and battered Moleskine notebooks that contain my thoughts from the last 8 months or so of doctoral research, something funny struck me. They look like medieval documents. Incomprehensible handwriting: check; Endless abbreviations: check; Latin adages: check; Marginal flourishes: Check! So without further ado, here is an album of moleskine madness, without exploration and taken with shakey shadowy iPhone vision. Enjoy!

Ave atque Vale,



3 thoughts on “Moleskine Palaeography

  1. Fabulous! I love Moleskine, too, but my problem is that I love all possible notebooks and writing surfaces, so given half a chance I’ll buy a new notebook whenever a ‘me-ish’ one comes along…

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