Hello post-hiatus

Hello All,

I apologise for my silence, but there are a few reasons for this. First, I was in a bit of an ebb in my creativity. A bout of reading, thinking, walking and podcast listening seems to have stimulated the old creative organ. Second, I have been busy arranging a few things (paperwork and so on) which always leeches every creative impulse from me. Third, I have been in a strange metacognitive mood, in which I have been content to observe and ponder rather than express myself (at least online).

My time has not been wasted, for I have a few ideas for blog posts (an Aristotelian triad, no less!) that I hope to roll out over the next couple of weeks. I would also like to advertise the creation of  a tumblr blog, entitled Dulcisonus. This is an extract from my first post:

Unfortunately, a focus on [academic and personal musings] on Fluid Imaginings has led me to neglect something close to my heart: water, fluidity and the importance of the elements in human existence. Those of you who know me in real life will know that I harp on about this constantly. After some contemplation, I decided that a tumblr blog was an ideal outlet for these ideas. As a result, Dulcisonus was born. The word is a conflation of the Latin for sweet (dulcis) and sounding (sonus): sweetly sounding. This comes from a medieval primary source that I am working on for my doctorate. I will briefly expound upon this topic at a later date, I imagine.

So, the goals of this blog are as follows:

  1. To repost and aggregate interesting articles, images and blog posts on water that come across my path.
  2. To share my thoughts on water.
  3. To share new books, conferences and initiatives that are close to my heart.
  4. To muse on water.

Like water, the blog will flow where my fancies take it, but since I am always running into fascinating watery material, I hope that the journey will be an enjoyable one.

You can follow both my WordPress and my Tumblr by subscribing to the rss on the former, following me on the latter, or the third option, Twitter. You can follow my tweets in which all of my blog posts appear, together with my reblogged content. I’m not really fully engaged with Twitter yet, but I enjoy using it as an aggregator for information.

Anyway that’s all folks. I have much to do, so per ardua ad astra.



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