New Horizons

Hello Readers,

I’m back in Perth and basking in the natural beauty and profoundly confused weather of our winter. The magnum opus of my trip to the UK is over, and now I am turning myself to new endeavours. I have taken over as the submissions editor for Limina, the Journal of Historical and Cultural studies here at UWA. We will be putting out a call for papers soon, which I encourage you to apply for if you are a humanities graduate student (I will post the CFP on here).

I also find myself with the pleasant position of being in ‘just me and the thesis’ land for at least the next six months (aformentioned editing aside). As the title of this post suggests, I am looking at a whole new vista of PhD research opening up behind me. Behind me I have two varied and interesting years of finding my feet and bumbling around, ahead are two more years of tutoring, frenzied PhD writing and publication ‘strategery’ (thanks Stephen Colbert for inventing such a great word!).

To this end, I am hoping to become more actively involved in the PhD2Published  community, of whom I have long been a great admirer. I am about to begin a review of How to Publish your PhD by Sarah Caro, a very interesting little book that I look forward to reading. Today I have also been thinking a lot about the Shut up and Write movement, and cultivating a budding enthusiasm for starting a group here at my university. I really need to shut up and write my thesis, since I have a series of deadlines stretching ahead of me.

Should this make me anxious? No, I have decided, it should not. Writing has always been my favourite part of the PhD experience. The problem lies with the fact that I feel somewhat out of practise. Getting back into top writing form is high on my list of priorities. Like boxing, I think I need to do the mental equivalent of a training montage. If I make a sequence of scenes of me preparing to write, the time will compress and i’ll be done, right? Alas, no. Once again, Hollywood has ruined my ambitions with its unrealistic portrayal of reality.

It is on this note that I shall take my leave, dear readers. It seems like yesterday I sat in the same place that I do today, writing this post. I feel that I have done many things that have allowed me to grow and learn, and feel quite different to that past version of myself. And this seems cause enough for contentment in PhD land, a world where self-doubt and disappointment constantly threaten to take over.

Best to you all,



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