New Project: PhD2Published

Hello Readers,

Apologies once again for my delay in updating my blog, but I suspect that there will be more blogging in me in months to come.

The purpose of this post is to bring a recent piece of writing by yours truly to your attention: a book review of the wonderful book How to Publish your PhD by Sarah Caro. I highly recommend this book to postgraduates and early career researchers looking to navigate the complexities of academic publishing. In future I hope to continue contributing to PhD2Published, a project originally founded by Dr. Charlotte Frost, but which has now taken on a life of its own. The site presents a daily news report, and contains a large and growing repository of articles from a wide range of academics. The extensive and themed links list (on the right side of the page), makes the project worthwhile in and of itself. It has become as much a repository of information as it has a regular digest, and should be read as such.

In coming months, I hope to create a writing and publication project with a corresponding strategy, and use 2012 as an ideal time to implement my plan. My goals are two-fold: I a) hope to make myself more accountable by sharing my experience publicly, and b) hope to post something that may be of interest of or use to other graduates starting out on their PhD journey or nearing the finish line. More soon on that when I have further information!

For now take care, and expect more in the not-too-distant future.




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