Fluid Friday – The Caño Cristales River

Felicitous Fluid Friday!

Today i’d like to share some footage of the Caño Cristales river in Colombia, known as ‘the river of seven colours,’ ‘the liquid rainbow,’ and even ‘the river that ran away from paradise’. For a brief time period every year, the plants that line the river bed turn a vivid red, with blotches of yellow and green sand, blue water and a variety of other colours. What a beautiful effect from such an interesting combination of natural factors!

Looking at the footage, one can see how it could evoke the very rivers of paradise. I am reminded of the fabulous river of gemstones described in the Travels of Sir John Mandeville as pouring from the mount of paradise. Truly a natural wonder. I have received a few odd looks when I say this, but I am going to South America on a purely hydrological holiday. It really has some of the most extraordinary sites for the water lover, as I hope to show on future fluid fridays.

May your weekend sparkle with variegated colour!


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