Fluid Friday – Phantom Water

I bid you all a Fantastic Fluid Friday.

Today I am sharing with you a beautiful High Definition video by Chris Bryan taken on a Phantom HD gold camera with an underwater housing. I recommend expanding the video to full screen, because it is truly beautiful, its detail sensational. It depicts the motion of water, its material magnificence, its dynamism and its colour in every detail at a slow motion pace. Largely consisting of footage depicting the waves of the ocean and the human-aqueous interactions of the surfer, the video is hypnotic in its colour and vitality.

As you will see, quality cinematography and Bryan’s expert editing turns water into something else entirely. Like other images of nature in slow motion -flowers unfurling, a hummingbird beating its wings, or plants growing- we can see the material vibrancy of water that is often too fast for the human eye. By watching this magic at a slower pace, I hope that we can all now view the natural world with a new attentiveness enabled by some extremely deft camera work.

Enjoy a Fluid Weekend!


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