Stay Tuned for 2013

Hello All,

I hope this message finds you well. Now that I have returned from holidays, I have enthusiastically plunged myself into a series of activities that will likely   spawn some interesting posts for Fluid Imaginings in 2013. Although these are still in a planning stage, I thought that I might list a few in the hope that my loyal readers might have some requests for further material or suggestions for improvement:

1) E-Learning and Digital Cultures I have started participating in this very interesting unit put on as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Coursera by the University of Edinburgh. I have decided to post a weekly wrap-up for each of the five weeks of this unit, together with some thoughts about how this relates to my research.

The unit requires me to create a ‘digital artefact’ for my final assessment, so I have decided to create a multi-media 5 minute elevator pitch video introducing my thesis topic. Stay tuned!

2) Digital Humanities Show and Tell I am planning a second post in my series of show and tell posts (see the first in the series here), so stay tuned! I am continuing to take part in a DH reading group that some friends at the University of Western Australia and I have been running.

3) Publishing for Medievalists – Starting in May, I will be undertaking a five month internship at Brepols, a publisher many medievalists will be very familiar with. I thought I might use this as an opportunity to share some of what I learn with the medievalist community in the form of some blog posts about various topics. I might also propose a contribution to PhD2Published.

4) Talks, Conferences, and Thesis Material – I have some interesting stuff going on this year conference-wise, so i’ll endeavour to share my talks and experiences with you all.

Once again, any suggestions would be most welcome. Until then, take care!



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